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Nut Milk Bag

What is a Nut Milk Bag?

A nut milk bag is similar to a cheesecloth and is used to separate solids from liquids and as the name suggests is particularly useful in straining nut milk. Nut milk is becoming increasingly popular as more people are discovering its health benefits. Using a nut milk bag is essential if you want to extract nut milk at home. It can be used to easily help extract almond, cashew and coconut milk

An organic nut milk bag is naturally made from materials that have not been exposed to chemicals. They are usually made from organic cotton or hemp.

What Can Nut Milk Bags Be Used For?

Nut milk bags can be used for a variety of straining purposes other than obtaining nut milk.

Nut milk bags can be helpful for:

  • To filter smoothies and green juice drinks from pulp

  • Can help to make clarified butter by separating milk solids

  • Producing real almond milk that can be added to smoothies, puddings or any recipe that calls for milk to be used

  • The solids extracted from the milk can be used to add to pie crusts, make flours or even be used as a facial scrub

You will find nut bags to be extremely useful and be able to apply them to a variety of kitchen situations.

Where to Buy Nut Milk Bag Australia

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