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Olive Oil Soap

Olive Oil Soap

What is olive oil soap?

When olive oil is mentioned, most people’s thoughts turn to how it is used with cuisine. However, olive oil is fast becoming recognised as a natural skin nourishing agent. Olive oil is now being used as a base agent in many natural soaps. Olive oil has been used in natural soaps for centuries. Today olive oil soap can be accessed in various liquid and soap bar forms.

Organic olive oil soap is made from organically grown natural ingredients without adding chemical cleaning agents

What is in olive oil soap?

Every soap is made using some type of fat. What makes olive oil soaps different is that they use  fat that is naturally in olive oil rather than using fats like  tallow or lanolin, which are fats usually obtained  from farm animals. As olive oil soap is produced from all natural ingredients it is biodegradable and does not have an adverse effect upon the environment.

Benefits of using natural olive oil soap

Using olive oil soap has some clear benefits with many people appreciating that its properties help them to maintain a youthful healthy appearance. So, what are the benefits of olive oil soap?

The benefits of using olive oil soap include:

  • Contains anti ageing agents oleic acid and polyphenols. These ingredients help the skin’s texture and tone to improve.

  • Can be used safely with any skin type. This means the whole family can use this hypoallergenic soap safely without fear of suffering from skin reactions.

  • Helps to  promote healthier more radiant skin

  • Is a source of natural vitamins and nutrients that not only helps to improve the look of your skin but may help to boost your immunity to infection. 

  • Olive oil contains beta carotene which may help with a more youthful appearance.

  • Can help to naturally soothe skin conditions like eczema and acne. The olive contained within the soap can penetrate the skin and help to moisturise dry areas.

Why is olive oil so popular?

With all the above mentioned benefits and its reputation for being easy and gentle on dry and irritated skin, olive oil continues to maintain and perhaps enhance its popularity gained over generations.

Where to buy olive oil soap

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