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Only Emu Red Hot Chilli Rub 50g


Only Emu Red Hot Chilli Rub 50g

Only Emu Red Hot Chilli Rub contains pure Australian emu oil combined with capsicum, wintergreen and menthol oils which together may soothe and relax painful muscles, stiff shoulders, neck and back.

When massaged into an affected area, the warming properties of the Capsicum Oleoresin, Wintergreen and Menthol generate a soothing warmth whilst the emu oil and Capsicum penetrate to help reduce the inflammation, swelling and pain.

The pharmaceutical grade Emu Oil in Red Hot Chilli Rub is also a "super carrier", capable of transporting the other soothing ingredients through the skin and to the muscles and joints where they are needed.

Effects last for hours! Very effective, deep penetrating muscle relief.


Ideal for anyone suffering from inflammatory related pain. May benefit the following:

  • People with painful chronic arthritis.
  • Hairdressers, tradesmen and tattooists with occupational related hand, wrist and shoulder strain.
  • Athletes for post workout muscle recovery or muscle and joint injury.
  • Office workers who sustain shoulder, neck and back pain.


Emu Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Menthol, Wintergreen Oil, Capsicum Oleoresin, Tea Tree Oil

Direction for use:

The heat of the rub varies according to the way it is used. The heat can be increased by covering the skin after applying the rub or it can feel cooling by leaving the skin uncovered.