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Oral SteriCare UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Unit


Oral SteriCare UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Unit

Oral SteriCare UV Sanitizer unit ideal for travelling, camping or overnight stays to keep your toothbrush contamination free.

Oral SteriCare uses an advanced Ultra Violet light technology to effectively clean your toothbrush. It may then be stored in the UV Santizer remaining clean until your next use.

Oral Hygiene is an important part of health and disease prevention, just as important as washing your hands. Your toothbrush is a known source of bacteria and germs. The Oral SteriCare UV Sanitizer sanitizes your toothbrush head guarding against harmful bacteria that may cause disease.

*Batteries are not included. The unit requires 2 x AAA batteries. We recommend quality alkaline batteries as the UV lamp draws quite a bit of power.


  • BPA free
  • UV bulb has approx. 8000 lamp hours lasting years

Direction for use:

Simple and easy to use by placing your toothbrush into the Oral SteriCare UV Sanitizer unit. Close unit lid to automatically activate the UV light delivering approximately 6 minutes of continuous UV light illumination to deeply sanitize your toothbrush bristles at a cellular level.

To clean, use a damp warm cloth to wipe the inside of your oralsterciare sanitizer. Do not use chemicals or submerge in water. Make sure it is dry before you put toothbrush back in repeat weekly or as often are required.

Storage Conditions:

Bacteria multiplies in a wet and warm environment. We recommend you towel dry your toothbrush before placing back in the Oral Stericare unit to be sanitized and stored.