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Organic Mushrooms Cup Pre Pack 150g

RHF - BDF - 9863

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Organic mushrooms P/Pack 150G

Our organic mushrooms are grown naturally without the aid of harmful chemicals used in many pesticides
and fertilisers. Genetically Modified Organisms are also avoided. Mushrooms are regarded as a superfood,
being packed full of nutrition, in the form of antioxidants, vitamins,minerals and amino acids.  They also
contain no cholesterol,  are fat free and are low in calories and sodium.


Are organic mushrooms better? 

There are three key reasons why mushrooms are better than conventionally grown mushrooms. 

  1. There are less pollutants contained in organically grown mushrooms. Mushrooms are able to absorb
    nutrients from the soil and are particularly susceptible to taking up pollutants from the ground when
    the mushrooms are sprayed with chemicals.

  2. As organic mushrooms are grown on a complicated compost base they are more likely to have better
    nutritional value.

  3. Even when the chemicals used in conventional farming methods are not considered to be harmful to humans,
    they can have a seriously adverse impact upon the environment.


How to keep mushrooms fresh

When placed in a brown paper bag and stored in the refrigerator,mushrooms will last for about a week. It is important
not to keep them in the crisper as the environment is too moist.


Cooking fresh mushrooms

Effectively cooking mushrooms relies upon three factors: 

  • High heat, 

  • Fat- try using lots of vegan butter to cook the mushrooms in

  • Time - stir once and leave in the pan to cook.


The mushrooms will halve in size.


Where to buy organic mushrooms

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