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Owen Homoeopathics Kali Mur 6c 120 pillules


Owen Homoeopathics Kali Mur 6c 120 pillules

Kali mur is a tissue salt that may provide relief for symptoms where there is thick, white nasal discharges and catarrh, earache, stuffy head colds, sore throats and mouth ulcers.

This salt, according to Schuessler, is present in brain cells, blood corpuscles, muscles, nerves and inter-cellular fluids. It is found in the blood in greater quantity than any other inorganic salt, with Nat mur being the next closest. Symptoms that produce congestion such as glandular swellings, nasal discharge or catarrh with whitish discharge may suggest use of Kali mur.


  • Thick, white nasal discharge and catarrh.
  • Earache
  • Stuffy head colds
  • Glandular swellings
  • Tonsils
  • Glue Ear
  • Deafness with crackling in ears
  • Tongue coated white


Better: Cold drinks; rubbing; letting hair down
Worse: Fatty foods; rich foods; open air; night; menses; motion; warmth of bed


Always read the label.
Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy.
If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly.