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Owen Homoeopathics Sepia 6c 120 pillules


Owen Homoeopathics Sepia 6c 120 pillules

Considered predominantly to be a woman’s remedy, Sepia may be helpful for menstrual symptoms with irregularity, dragging pains and heaviness. It may assist with hot flushes and headaches at menopause in women who are emotionally worn down, irritable and indifferent with aversion to consolation and a desire to be left alone. May be sarcastic and irritable. Dancing or exercise usually makes them feel better.

It is mainly used in home prescribing to treat issues surrounding hormonal imbalance and exhaustion from over work. It may affect venous circulation especially the female pelvic organs where symptoms seem to settle in the lower back area and move upward towards the head.


  • Weary and indifferent
  • Heavy dragging sensation
  • Sad and irritable
  • Chilly


Better: Vigorous exercise and dancing; open air and wind; warmth of bed
Worse: Consolation; cold; standing still; menstruation; pregnancy; lactation; tobacco; mental fatigue


Always read the label.
Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy.
If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly.