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Parabens Free Moisturizer

Parabens Free Moisturizer

Parabens free Moisturizer

Parabens free moisturizer refers to moisturizer creams that do not contain any parabens. Parabens are chemicals induced in skin products to increase their shelf life which means that parabens act as preservatives and prevent mold and bacteria from growing. Along with the benefit of products lasting longer and keeping their form, comes the downfall of absorbing the negative effects of chemicals on your skin. Parabens might be great for their primary purpose but when it comes to using it on human skin, they harmfully react. The way that this type of chemical works is when in contact with human skin, it increases oestrogen levels and affects the human hormones.

Benefits of Paraben free Moisturizer

Now that parabens have been proven to cause negative effects in the long run, more and more skin care products have been available free of parabens. Let’s have a look at how humans can benefit from paraben free moisturizers.


  1. Cancer growth - The biggest concern when it comes to chemicals in skin products is cancer growth. It has been studied how when oestrogen levels are increased, they are responsible of dividing cells which is a critical reason of cancerous cells to develop. Thus, choosing parabens free products will lower the risk of cancer.
  2. Potential risk of reducing birth rate – frequent use of paraben induced products can reduce sperm count and could possibly cause birth abnormalities. No use of paraben products will eliminate this risk.
  3. Skin damage – Parabens found in moisturizing products can possibly counter act to the moisturizing abilities and instead could cause skin conditions such as dermatitis. On the contrary, parabens free moisturizers shield the skin and protect it from developing such skin conditions.

Parabens Free Moisturizer Australia

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