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Pelvi Underwear Leakproof Bikini L


Pelvi Underwear Leakproof Bikini L

Leakproof Underwear - A Simple Solution to A Pesky Problem. 

Pelvi leakproof underwear combines soft comfortable fabrics with built-in water resistant absorbency liners to give you maximum leakproof protection that actually works - all day. 

How Does It Work?

Pelvi leakproof underwear uses 4 super absorbent layers to hold up to 20ml of fluid. The moisture-wicking layer also draws sweat and discharge away from the source and fights bacteria to keep you fresh. Only 2.5mm thick, Pelvi leakproof underwear is slimmer than bulky pads. Using reusable leakproof underwear is healthier for your body. No harsh chemicals or fibres like disposables. Simply machine wash, dry and re-use. 

Our classic high waisted bikini style is sleek and conforms to your curves, so you can be confident and worry-free. L: Fits sizes 12-14 AU (Hips 41-42 inches)


Will Keep You As Dry As The Desert

• Absorbs 2.5 tampons of fluid 

• Perfect for incontinence and postpartum

• Heavy/overnight absorbency

• Anti-bacterial and breathable

Direction For Use:

Pelvi underwear is machine washable. Wash on a gentle cold cycle and hang to dry. You can also use a laundry bag to protect your underwear from damage.

Storage Conditions:

Subject to wash and care of your Pelvi leakproof underwear, they will last for 6 months to 2 years. Underwear is considered a delicate garment, so the elastic and thread may get damaged with wear and tear.