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Personal Lubricant

Personal Lubricant

Personal Lubricant – More than just a sexual health aid

While most would associate personal lubricant as a female aid for sexual intercourse, the fact is it can offer additional uses to the consumer beyond this. For women, not only is personal lubricant effective at easing vaginal dryness and improving sexual activity but it is also beneficial in helping with the insertion of tampons and menstrual cups. In addition, lubricant can be used to prevent chafing during high-energy activities and to assist in shaving making it a valuable product for men as well as women.

Avoiding chafing and improving shaving performance with a personal lubricant

It has been well documented that many athletes, both men and women, have used personal lubricant to minimise friction from clothing rubbing against the body during a pro sports event. However, everyday Australian citizens can also benefit from applying personal lubricant prior to a gym session or yoga class for much the same reason. In addition, applying personal lubricant to your legs, face or chest prior to shaving can help to avoid razor burn. But there are other benefits to using lubricant as well, especially that which is all-natural.

The benefits of using a natural personal lubricant product

There are some key benefits to the consumer who chooses to use a natural personal lubricant over that of a non-natural lubrication product. These benefits include:

  • Often non-natural lubricants contain sugar which when applied to the vagina can result in a yeast infection.
  • Most natural lubricants are absent of chemicals that would otherwise be potentially toxic to sperm resulting in fertility complications.
  • Not only kinder on your body and sexual organs, all-natural personal lubricant products are kinder on the environment as well.

Natural personal lubricant Australia

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