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Planet Organic Bedtime Tea Bags 25 Bags


Planet Organic Bedtime Tea Bags 25 Bags

Australian owned and operating out of their purpose-built Sunshine Coast warehouse, Planet Organic provides the people of Australia with products that respect the health of the consumer but also of the planet we live on. Suitable for the vegan diet, planet organic products are Australian Certified Organic and are produced by a company determined to ensure organic integrity of the highest standard.

Containing a concoction of lemongrass, valerian and hops, Planet Organic’s Bedtime Tea bags come in a packet of 25. Caffeine free, this delicious tea is designed to maximise the end of day tea-drinking experience to ensure that the consumer is well prepared for a good night’s sleep. Sipping a cup of Bedtime is guaranteed to leave your ending your day in the perfect way to ensure you are well-rested for whatever the next day brings. 

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