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Planet Organic Organic Echinacea Loose Leaf Tea 50g


Planet Organic Organic Echinacea Loose Leaf Tea 50g

Immune Support

  • Organic Echinacea has traditionally been used to stimulate the immune system and may assist in the reduction of symptoms of colds and infections.
  • May help to fight against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Direction for use:

Use ½ to 1 teaspoon of herb per cup of boiled water. Steep then strain. Half dose for children.

Best used as a preventative during winter when it may be used consistently every day. After winter, drink 2 or 3 cups daily for 2 weeks, then a 2 week rest period prior to restarting use.


Consult your healthcare practitioner prior to consumption of herbal teas during pregnancy or breastfeeding, if a medical condition is present, whilst taking prescription medication or if surgery is scheduled.