Power Super Foods Acai Berry Powder 100gr

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Power Super Foods Acai Berry Powder 100gr 


Join the growing number of Australians who are discovering the wonderful superfood that is acai berry! Originating from the Acai palm of South America this delicious berry is becoming ever more crucial as part of a healthy eating lifestyle. Acai berries are a reddish-purple fruit whose flavour is often described as a cross between blueberries and bitter chocolate. They are touted as a rich fruit pulp with more antioxidants than other more commonly consumed berries such as raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries.

The growing popularity of acai berry products lies in the potential health benefits that this little fruit may possess. They are nutrient dense, high in healthy fats and low in sugar which means that they are the perfect addition to a balanced diet. Extremely high in antioxidants, they can provide the antioxidant protection that the body requires to protect against free radicals that would otherwise potentially damage cells.

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    Preferred Acai powder brand

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Nov 2017

    I've tasted at least 8 brands of acai powder and for me the only one that I really find satisfying is this Power Super Foods acai. It's not anywhere near as gritty as most of the other brands, and has a subtle oil component which imparts a nice savouriness.