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Propolis Toothpaste

Propolis Toothpaste

What is propolis toothpaste?

Propolis toothpaste is a natural toothpaste alternative using propolis. Propolis is a natural substance produced by bees and has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times Propolis has been used in dental care  to prevent infection and improve gum health. Studies have shown that propolis mouthwash in particular has led to improved dental hygiene.

Propolis toothpaste is the natural extension of these studies and it has the aim of  improving dental health.

Propolis toothpaste benefits 

Many generic toothpastes contain harmful ingredients including artificial sweeteners, Triclosan  sodium lauryl sulfate, fluoride and propylene glycol microbeads. Using an alternative toothpaste helps you  to avoid exposure to these potentially harmful ingredients However it is important that any toothpaste alternative performs the  most vital function of maintaining good dental hygiene 

Propolis  portrays a wide range of beneficial properties that are antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant anti-inflammatory  and neuroprotective to name a few. These medicinal properties have been known for centuries with it known to have been used in ancient Greek, Assyrian and Egyption cultures.

Propolis should not be used in any form if you are allergic to honey, bee pollen or royal jelly.  It does however have the following clear benefits

  • Has been demonstrated to limit plaque

  • Has been demonstrated  to prevent dental cavities

  • Has been demonstrated to prevent gingivitis

  • Has been demonstrated to prevent periodontitis

  • There is some evidence to suggest that it can help regenerate cartilage bone tissue and dental pulp 

Where to buy propolis toothpaste Australia can trust

 If you're looking for a viable  alternate toothpaste that has been demonstrated to have significant dental hygiene benefits  then bee propolis toothpaste.

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