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The Protein Bread Co

Protein Bread Co

The protein bread co is here to help! For an aspiring athlete, the ability to get your daily nutritional requirements is essential to optimal performance. However, there are many athletes and gym junkies who are dealing with the hurdle of not being able to consume bread or bread products. Which means that many vital nutritional advantages are being missed. Enter, the Protein Bread Co who are here to meet the requirements of consumers who cannot each bread.

The Protein Bread Co mission

The team behind the Protein Bread Co are passionate about what they do! Founded by Luke and Anna Hopkins, whose passion for healthy living cannot be understated, the company quickly went about providing healthy eating options for those restricted by allergies.

Fully Australian owned and operational, the Protein Bread company’s mission is to provide wonderful products that are suitable for Celiac disease sufferers and those with wheat allergies. Their products are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and made with Australian natural ingredients that support local industry. These ingredients are largely sourced from regions of Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia.

It’s not all about the bread

While a key focus for Protein Bread co is on providing a healthy, wheat free alternative to bread, they’ve also expanded their range so that many other Australian favourites can be enjoyed. The company offers delicious family favourites including pancake and muffin mixes that are guaranteed to satisfy.

Protein bread co stockists

Locating the best stockists to purchase the products of the top brands that most appeal can be a difficult exercise. Like Protein Bread Co itself, many stockists operate with a focus on providing consumers with the very best healthy eating options available.

Buy Organics Online are one such company, committed to providing consumers with access to the health food products that are sure to dramatically improve one’s health and vitality. Check out the extensive range of Protein Bread Co products available at Buy Organics Online today and save!