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Protein Muffins

Protein Muffins

Healthy Protein Muffins

Did I read that right, healthy protein muffins? One of the few disadvantages when starting a weight-loss diet is realizing that you are going to be saying goodbye to many foods that you love. For many, the start of a diet or healthy lifestyle change means saying goodbye to cake mixes, muffins, cupcakes, pancakes and more. The good news is that the market has been overrun with healthy food alternatives that now make it possible not to have to ditch these food products that you love so much.

What are high protein muffins?

Historically, muffins are made with refined flours and sugars that make them high in carbohydrates and devoid of nutritional benefit. However, now you can purchase high protein muffins that are packed full of protein and the essential nutrients required for a healthier lifestyle. This is partly achieved by substituting white flour with whole wheat flour. By using whole wheat flours, a tremendous amount of fibre is present which provides the body with satisfaction and a stabilization in blood sugar levels. In addition, a substantially high level of protein is also present which aids in muscle growth, recovery and repair.

Low in carbohydrates

Because of the use of a whole wheat flour, these muffin mix packages are tremendously beneficial in relation to the low level of carbohydrates that they possess. Low carb protein muffins are essentially the answer to snacking on something that is a nutrient rich, healthy snack but lacks flavour and psychological satisfaction. These healthy protein muffins are not only great for the mind, and great to satisfy a craving but will deliver major benefits in the way of protein and fibre.

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