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Protein Supplies Australia Chocolate WPI Sachets 12 x 30g

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Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) Sachets 12X30g by Protein Supplies Australia



  • Encourages Lean Muscle Growth
  • Assists With Muscle Recovery & Repairs
  • Easy to Digest
  • Fast Release
  •  High in Protein (90%)
  • Rich In BCAAs
  • Low Fat & Carbohydrate
  • 99% Lactose Free
  • Cross Flow Micro Filtration
  • Non-GMO & Gluten Free
  • Using Certified Organic Cocoa
  • Naturally Sweetened With Stevia
  • Instant Mixing



Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate by Protein Supplies Australia is a quick to absorb, low fat, low carbohydrate, 99% lactose free, lean whey protein isolate that is perfect for a fast post-workout recovery drink.After a strenuous exercise routine it assists in returning your body from a muscle-wasting (catabolic) to muscle-building (anabolic) state. Rich in amino acids–especially BCAAs–this nutritionally superior protein is ideal for anyone aiming to reduce carbohydrate and fat intake while fuelling their active lifestyle with a quality lean protein source. Whey Protein Isolate, has a higher protein content than Whey Protein Concentrate, and is lower in carbohydrates, lactose and fat. But it is typically more expensive due to the additional manufacturing process it undergoes. This bio-available native whey is crafted using a low heat Cross Flow Micro filtration procedure that yields a whey isolate with more intact bioactive peptides than isolates treated with an inferior filtration system. It is gluten and GMO free, naturally sweetened with Stevia and completely instant mixing. Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) Sachets 12X30g are a convenient way to bring protein boosting power along with you either to the gym or on your travels. Just add to liquid in a blender bottle (Cheeki Stainless Steel Protein Shaker 600ml ), shake, and you have a delicious and healthy drink ready to help you step-up your in-between meals energy level.


Advantage of Whey Protein and Branched-Chain Amino Acids:


Whey proteins are highly bio-available, are very quickly absorbed into the body, and have a high concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which are highly concentrated in muscle tissue, and are used to fuel working muscles and stimulate protein synthesis. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), refers to three amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. BCAAs have been shown to have benefit primarily for recovery post-training, either from muscle damage or fatigue. With high levels of BCAAs per serve, Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate when used as a supplement for people with low dietary protein intake, can promote muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth over time. 

Difference between Whey Protein Concentrate & Whey Protein Isolate:


The primary difference between whey protein and its isolate form is the amount of protein, lactose and fat present. In its original liquid state, whey is a mixture of mostly water with some protein, fat, carbohydrates and lactose. Once it arrives at the processing facility, it is carefully filtered to remove excess fat, lactose, carbohydrates, and any other naturally occurring Ingredients. Eventually, after enough of those Ingredients are removed, the remaining product is approximately 80 percent protein. So, for every 100 grams of powder you’ll get about 80 grams of pure whey protein. This 80% protein is known as a whey protein concentrate. If you continue to filter the 80 percent protein, you can remove a little more lactose, carbohydrates and fat, which creates a whey protein isolate that provides up to 90% protein. Since isolates undergo more processing, they are more expensive and can lose some health-promoting compounds found in concentrates but they also contain a higher amount of protein per serving. Whey isolates are more rapidly absorbed than concentrates and create a more profound insulin response. This makes Protein Supplies Australia Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate Sachets 12X30g a popular post-workout choice (also available in larger sizes 500g, 1kg and 3kg). Easy on-the-go sachets are also available in Vanilla Bean 12X30g.

Suggested Use:

Mix, shake or blend 1 sachet of Protein Supplies Australia Chocolate WPI with 150ml of water, milk or your favourite beverage and enjoy! This WPC is perfect for high protein baking or your next smoothie creation! Consume 1-3 servings daily, depending on your daily dietary requirements as advised by a health care professional.


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Product Ingredients:

Whey Protein Isolate, Natural Flavour: Certified Organic Fair-Trade Cocoa, Natural Sweetener: Stevia, Non-GMO Soy Lecithin (for easy mixing)


Packaged in Australia using local Ingredients. Contains milk Ingredients. Manufactured on equipment that also produces products containing soy and egg. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Re-seal package immediately after use.