Pure Silver Colloid 30ml By Silver Health

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Silver Health Pure Silver Colloid 30ml - Buy Online

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic agent that is highly versatile in tackling a range of infections, whether fungal, viral or bacterial. Due to its versatility as a treating agent it comes in many different forms each specific to treating infections. Whether in gel form to confront skin conditions, in body spray form to protect the air you breathe, in water form for digestion or as a nasal spray the uses are wide and varied.

Pure Silver Colloid 30ml by Silver Health is a nasal spray designed to target bacteria causing nasal congestion. Containing 30ppm nanosilver particles and demineralised water, this product is designed for use at the first sign of a cold or flu to ease discomfort we all experience when clogged up due to nasal congestion.  Colloidal Silver can be used in conjunction with other medications and has been found effective in tackling many common bacterial infections.

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Product Ingredients

Demineralised water, nanosilver particles 30ppm.