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Red Seal Toothpaste

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Red Seal Toothpaste – For a naturally glowing smile

What’s more beautiful than a glowing smile? It is the easiest and most affordable way to give yourself a makeover and a boost of confidence. Throwing a smile not only looks good on you, it makes other feel good as well. Let yourself look radiant and promote a happy mood by showing off your smashing white teeth and healthy gums.

Since we sacrifice hundreds of hours into our oral care, why not do it the natural way rather than with all the chemicals that cause more harm than good. Red Seal toothpastes prevent cavities by removing food particles and teeth stains. Its one of a kind formula helps neutralize plaque acids and the freshness and clean feeling leaves you wanting more.

Red Seal Toothpaste qualities

Prevention of stains

Removing bacteria that harm your teeth and cause cavities

Fluoride free

Fresh feeling

Counteract plaque acids and decay

Natural flavouring

Free of paraben

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