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Reusable Menstrual Pads

What are reusable sanitary pads?

Reusable sanitary pads are natural alternatives to the sanitary pads commercially produced using synthetic products. They can be made from a range of all natural fibres including cotton, hemp and bamboo. The sanitary pads contain a leak proof layer and many women who use them will assert that they are very comfortable . Being reusable they are economically a better option than disposable pads.

Many women are now looking for safer alternatives to the commercial mass produced menstrual pads,that often contain toxic chemicals that can have harmful effects on the body. Reusable sanitary pads are being adopted as a safe alternative.

Benefits of reusable sanitary pads and how to use them.

While some people may feel a little uncomfortable using reusable menstrual pads, but when you understand that cleaning sanitary pads as part of your laundry washing regime is a more environmentally friendly option than using disposable pads, that discomfort is outweighed by the  good sense that cleaning reusable sanitary pads makes.

It is a good idea to allow reusable pads to soal in cold water prior to putting them through a cold wash cycle. Much like cloth nappies, reusable pads can be folded and stored in a wet bag until they can be soaked and cleaned,

The benefits of switching to reusable sanitary pads include:

  • Healthier option that contains no toxic chemicals or plastics

  • Cost saving - currently it is estimated that over $5000 worth of disposable sanitary products are used by the average woman in her lifetime.

  • Better for the environment

  • No leakage and every bit as sanitary as disposable options.

Where to Buy Reusable Menstrual Pads Australia Can Trust

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