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Rice Bran Cereal

Rice Bran Cereal

What is Rice Bran Cereal?

Rice bran cereal is breakfast cereal made from the outer layer of the rice grain. Rice bran should not be confused with other grain brans such as oat or wheat bran. Rice bran cereal benefits are associated with the substances it contains. These substances may help to eliminate bad cholesterol from the body. They also could help reduce calcium absorption which may reduce the likelihood of formation of kidney stones. 

To make the rice bran tasty and appealing some processors flavour the rice bran. Lotus rice bran cereal for example is lightly flavoured with apple juice.

Is Rice Bran Cereal good for you?

Advocates of rice bran cereal use rice bran to treat a range of ailments including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. While the chemical make up of rice bran would tend to support  these uses, there hasn’t been sufficient clinical research at this stage to categorically state that rice bran is effective in treating these conditions.

An interesting apparent  side benefit of rice bran cereal  is that some people use it to treat eczema by rubbing it directly on the skin. Again, there is insufficient evidence to support this use, but people continue to advocate this method of treatment.

Where to buy Rice Bran Cereal?

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