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Rochway Papaya / Paw Paw Leaf Extract 500ml

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Rochway Papaya / Paw Paw Leaf Extract 500ml


Pawpaw Leaf Cocentrate has all the Benefits of Dried Papaya leaf tea in tincture form. Contents include Mature Green Pawpaw Leaves (Carica Papaya), green papaya fruit, Pomegranate and green tea. Made from naturally grown Ingredients in Australia without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Through the fermentation process beneficial lactic acids are created which act as a natural preservative and help maintain a healthy intestinal tract.


  • 100% Bio fermented (Carica) Papaya /Pawpaw leaf extract, 36% by total volume (The fibre is removed to make it more palatable)
  • Also contains the equivalent of 4,000mg Pomegranate/15ml

The above Ingredients are processed in a probiotic / Bio fermented plant that ultimately changes the structure thus creating a bio active concentrate.

Associated strains of lactobacillus acidophilus, L. casei , L. plantarum, (Bifidobacterium), L. Bulgaricus,L, L. lactis, L. fermenti, S.boulardii and S. cerevisiae are used.