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Rye Flour

Rye Flour

Rye Flour – The healthiest alternative

Rye flour is produced of the rye grain and it is popular for its ability to balance your metabolism and aid in weight loss. Asides from weight loss, rye flour provides a large number of health benefits to its consumers. It has been consumed for centuries and it is one of the healthiest grains in the market. Though other grains such as wheat, oats and barley are more common in the shops, rye is worth looking for and introducing in your daily diet.

Organic whole grain rye flour is made from grain grown without the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides or gmo organisms.

Rye Flour Health Benefits

Although rye is not gluten free, it has many health benefits for the gluten tolerant ones. It has been found that rye is healthier than the mainstream  barley and wheat products due to the nature of the seed. In other words, the rye seed holds nutrients and fiber that are not omitted while producing the rye flour. This makes the flour even healthier since nutrients are being transferred in the final product.

Now, let’s look at some of the health benefits that rye flour provides and why it is in such high demand.

  • Weight loss and metabolism booster – It has been identified how rye flour can not only balance your metabolism but also helps you lose weight. That’s due to its ability to make you feel full much faster and reduce your appetite. This way it manages to reduce food and calorie intake.[1]

  • Lowers Diabetes Risk – Rye’s ability to improve glucose levels and insulin sensitivity can lower the risk of diabetes.[2]

  • Against cancer – Rye’s nutrients and fiber content can actually fight against the development of cancerous cells.[3]

  • Inflammation – Unlike wheat, rye can reduce inflammation as a result of reducing insulin sensitivity. Inflammation can also cause diabetes and so by reducing body inflammation results in lowering the chances of diabetes.[4]

What is Rye Flour used for?

Rye flour can easily replace other common flours in baking. Using whole grain rye flour is even more beneficial for your heart health and weight loss. The dark rye – whole grain one – is less processed and less refined which results in nutrients to be kept intact and offer many more health benefits. Opt for the dark rye flour in as many recipes as you can for maximum health improvement results. Rye is a popular choice or whole grain bread .

Rye Bread

Rye bread is a popular whole grain bread alternative to wheat flour bread and other whole grain breads. Organic rye flour bread has a sharper taste and thicker texture than most other cereal grain breads. The bread can be made from a combination of bread flours or from rye flour alone. The varieties of rye bread are numerous with whole grain rye flour bread and sourdough bread recipes being popular. Sourdough bread is not the same as rye bread but can be made from rye grain flour using the same process used in all sourdough recipes. Sourdough is created by using a starter dough mixture of flour and water to attract  yeast to leaven the bread. This dough may be left for several days.

Rye bread in all its forms is becoming increasingly popular and is said to have the following benefits.

  • Full of plant molecules known as phytoestrogens that help to balance hormone levels.[5]

  • Appetite suppressant. Research has found that whole rye bread sandwiches are more likely to keep people satisfied than sandwiches made with  bread made from whole wheat flour or white flour [6]

  • Controls blood sugar levels more effectively as it is low in the glycaemic index [7]

  • Rye whole grain Contributes to heart health, being a good source of magnesium and soluble fibre. Magnesium helps to control blood pressure, while soluble fibre contributes to lowering cholesterol levels.[8]

  • Plus all the regular benefits of rye whole grain.

Beside making great bread a good rye flour  can also be used as a traditional flour substitute in homemade pasta and a variety of pastries and baked treats. It is important to recognise that while the flour does contain some gluten it contains much less than other bread flour. Accordingly, many recipes advocate for a mixture of flours to achieve a lightness in the bread. Many bakers suggest a mixture of 25% rye to 75% traditional flour to achieve a balance between texture and the flavour of rye dough.

Rye berries are often added to rye bread to give some added texture and flavour. rye berries are simply the whole grain form of rye with the hull removed.

Rye Flour Australia

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