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Sandalwood Soap

What Is Sandalwood Soap

If you’re looking for a natural fragrant and luxurious soap, then sandalwood soap is certainly worth a try.  Known in some quarters as liquid gold, sandalwood has a sweet, woody warm fragrance and is known to induce a sense of well being and relaxation.  It comes in the form of liquid and sandalwood bar soap.

Sandalwood Soap Benefits

The commonly known benefits of sandalwood soap are as follows -:

  • Aromatherapy – the scent of sandalwood serves to help its users relax and ease tension.

  • Soothes and nourishes skin.   Skin serves as a barrier to bacteria.  The application of this type of soap will help to soothe dry and cracked skin.  The oil left b the soap will help restore skin

  • It has antiseptic properties that will help to quell acne breakouts. Its antifungal properties also aids in treating a diverse range of skin ailments including ringworm and athlete’s foot.  Sandalwood also helps in the treatment of small skin irritations like cuts and rashes.

Lesser known benefits of natural sandalwood soap include -:

  • Helps to heal sunburn – sandalwood has natural cooling properties.

  • Helps to prevent body odour – the sweet woody fragrance is great – but the properties within sandalwood also help to reduce body odour

  • Some anti-ageing properties – regular use of this soap can help in tightening skin and even eliminate some small wrinkles.

  • Assists in a good night’s sleep – the properties contained within the soap helps in relaxing both your muscles and mind.

  • Reduces itching medicinal properties within the soap help to heal minor irritations that cause itching.

Where to Buy Sandalwood Soap Australia

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