Soleo Organic Soleo Sunscreen Spf 30+ 150ml

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    The best of the organic sunscreens we have tried in Oz

    Posted by Roy on 2nd Oct 2015

    We recently bought two tubes of this for a two week holiday in sunny Broome (36 degrees every day!) and we needed an organic sunscreen (my wife and I). We are both white, in our 40's and have 'normal' skin. I tend to burn on my shoulders and neck if I'm not careful so we needed a good lotion. We have tried UV Natural and a few other sunscreens which were good, but always sort of thick and gooey and smelt a bit funny.
    Well - HURRAH! At long last we have found a great, natural sunscreen!!! (Sound the trumpets!)

    This lotion is white and sort-of thick(ish) like cream, and if it's cool (i.e. in your room in the morning before you go out) it will need some kneading and working as it goes a bit thicker. It rubs in well but does leave a very faint white colouration - not too much but it does make you a shade lighter. We found the easiest way to apply like this was to dot bits of cream all over your arms etc then rub it in. This way you get the best coverage.

    Sun protection is absolutely amazing and when we had it on we didn't burn at all. In fact it was sort of TOO good!

    When it works best, we found, was when we went out in the sun for about 15-30 minutes without any sunscreen on to get some initial rays, and we left the tube in the sun for it to warm up. Then, not only does it come out of the tube easily and spread better, but by the time it does it's work we have had some sunshine and our skin darkened to a golden tan without burn.

    This cream is amazing, and had only that slight 'earthy' smell that all natural sunscreens seem to have.

    Highly recommended and we will definitely use this one again!