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Source Pro Active

Source Pro Active has been formed with a team with each over 30 years’ experience in Nutrition, Formulation of superfood extracts & powders and the development of Organic natural products.


Our source Botanical extracts are quality sourced and third-party tested to guarantee purity. Our Boosters have a special capacity to support the body’s ability to clear trace amounts of heavy metal toxins. The body does a good job of handling toxins on its own, but boosters may serve to help the body along Superfoods that are dense in protein, iron and phytonutrients. Superfoods that help the body eliminate impurities, support digestion and help maintain a friendly balance.


In addition to the detoxifying properties of the superfoods in our formulas to help to maintain a healthy immune system. The protein, vitamins and minerals in our products will nourish the whole body - its organs, skin and blood.