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Stainless Steel Bottle Pistachio 500ml Cheeki

Was: $24.95
Now: $21.20
UN - CH134

Stainless Steel Bottle Pistachio 500ml

Cheeki is a proudly Australian owned company focused on minimising waste by providing consumers with a more economical choice of products that are also great for the environment. Cheeki’s large range of reusable products are guaranteed to provide the environmentally concerned customers with alternatives to traditional plastic products that will be sure to result in a reduction in the amount of plastic currently infiltrating our beaches, parks, lakes and oceans

Pistachio coloured Stainless Steel Water Bottles from Cheeki are a wonderful choice of reusable product that will ensure you get your water fix without having to add to the large amount of plastic waste currently residing all over our planet. Made from premium high grade stainless steel, this product is 100% leak proof and is perfect for everyday use and a variety of activities. At 500ml in volume this is a great bottle to place into your child’s backpack to ensure that they are getting the water they require to tackle the day ahead.

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