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Stainless Steel Pegs

Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Australia Can Rely Upon

Stainless steel clothes pegs make the perfect alternative to the fragile plastic clothes pegs that are liable to break apart or stain your clothes. Manufactured from marine grade steel, these stainless steel pegs while being gentle on your clothing will withstand wind, rain and hot climatic conditions. Marine grade stainless steel pegs are built to withstand rust and are ideal for those living close to the ocean.

Stainless steel metal pegs are a much more environmentally choice than other clothes pegs alternatives.

Key Benefits of Using Metal Clothes Pegs

Strong, reliable and durable, metal pegs make the perfect laundry choice for Australians. Consider these benefits of using steel pegs.

  • Strong reliable grip means that clothes will remain secured in all weather conditions

  • Marine grade steel makes pegs rust resistant

  • Long lasting, durable pegs do not need to be constantly replaced making them a better environmental choice for the environmentally conscious.

  • Tough pegs will not split or crack like plastic pegs are liable to do

  • Mould resistant unlike wooden pegs that can be subject to growing mould in some conditions.

  • Long term economic benefits. These pegs will last for many years, making them the best value peg option in the long term.

Metal clothes pegs make the best environmentally friendly choice for your clothes line,

Where to Buy Stainless Steel Pegs

Buy Organics Online has sourced the best available stainless steel clothes pegs to suit Australian’s needs. Choose from our great range of marine grade stainless steel pegs.  We have carefully chosen the very best metal clothes pegs and are confident that you will find them to be perfect for your laundry and clothes line requirements. Buy your stainless steel pegs from us at Buy Organics Online and enjoy the convenience of using tough reliable eco-friendly clothes pegs.

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