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Super Sprout Beetroot Powder

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Super Sprout Beetroot Powder - Nothing "beets" a beetroot!

Super Sprout's Beetroot Powder is here to save you from the hustle of having to run to the groceries. Instead, you have it in your pantry and use it whenever you feel like it. It is also a convenient way for your kids to get all the nutrients without having to convince them to eat the real thing. Super Sprout beetroot powder is pure and organic while preserving all the goodness and nutritional value of beetroots.

Beetroot Benefits

Beetroot powder can actually hold all nutrients that make this vegetable so powerful and healthy. Beetroots have numerous of health benefits for your body. Let’s have a look at some of those:

  • Consuming Super Sprout Beetroot Powder will increase your daily vitamin intake since beetroots are packed in Vitamins A, B, and C.
  • Beetroots are perfect for lowering your cholesterol levels due to the amount of fiber they contain.
  • Nitrate contents into beetroots, are turned into nitrite which can help open up blood vessels and prompts blood flow to areas where blood and oxygen does not circulate. This was proved to prevent dementia as well as protecting the cardiovascular system through improving blood flow.
  • Due to their low calories and fibre levels, beetroots can lower cholesterol
  • It is claimed that they can prevent cancer through their amount of phytonutrient betanin which has abilities against cancer
  • Beetroots’ folate contents can rejuvenate your skin by repairing skin cells, resulting in healthy glowing skin

These are only some of the health benefits that beetroots provide to you. Super Sprout Beetroot powder can be the perfect way to consume beetroots and taking in all of the benefits that this nutrient packed vegetable provides.

Super Sprout Beetroot Powder – 100% Pure and Certified Organic

Super Sprout uses Quality Organic Beetroots into their Beetroot powder products that are grown in Australia and go through minimum process to make sure nutrients remain intact and as pure as possible. Organic beetroots are turned into freeze-dried beetroots and then processed into powder. No added products, colours, flavours or preservatives are found in Super Sprout’s Beetroot Powder. Only pure certified organic beetroot powder.

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