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Tamanu Oil in Australia

Tamanu Oil in Australia

What Is Tamanu Oil?

Tamanu oil is an extraordinary oil that is derived from the tamanu nut, grown on Ati trees in the South Pacific region. While the Tamanu Oil has been around for quite a long time, used to help recuperate an extensive variety of skin conditions.

Around the turn of the twentieth century, news about tamanu oil and its capacity to treat disease and soothe torment spread toward the Western World, and by 1918, French researchers found its numerous gainful topical uses.

Organic Tamanu Oil Benefits:

The larger part of tamanu oil medical benefits has been credited to its abnormal state of useful unsaturated fats, including around 33% oleic acid, 33% linoleic acid, and around 10% stearic and palmitic acid.

Advocates have suggested that Tamanu Oil can benefit the consumer in the following ways:

  • Anti-aging properties: Tamanu Oil helps in fighting wrinkles and fine lines. Monosaturated fasts and polyunsaturated fats functions as an antioxidant that help in neutralizing free radicals from the body.

  • Sun protection: France based researchers found that Organic Tamanu Oil has excellent sun protection properties and it protects the skin from any kind of sun damage.

  • Boost immune system: Tamanu Oil has extraordinary antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-fungal properties that protect your body from most of the diseases.

  • Speedup healing: this Oil is ideal for healing cuts, scrapes, bruises, and other wounds.

  • Reduce inflammation: although there are many kinds of inflammation in the body, Tamanu Oil is quite useful in almost any kind of inflammation. This oil can be applied to cure everything from insect bites to sunburn to arthritis pain. 

Where To Buy Tamanu Oil ​in Australia? 

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