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Tan Extender

Tan Extender

Keep the summer look alive with a tan extender body lotion

When it comes to keeping the look of summer going long after you’ve left the beach, nothing does a better job than tan extender body lotion. The key to a flawless tan is protecting and preserving it in the days and weeks after with tan extender lotion. Think of it as a conditioner and apply it in conjunction with a tanning body lotion or fake tan product for a golden look that will be the envy of all your friends.

The benefits of tan extender lotion

The benefits of tan extender lotions are there for all to see. Put simply, they extend the life of your tan, leaving you glowing for weeks and months ahead. They also possess the ability to replenish and moisturize the skin thanks to the nutrients and vitamins that are present. When you go to the beach or bathe near the pool, vital moisture is lost due to exposure to the sun. Tan extender body lotion works to replenish lost moisture, strengthening the skin and extending the length of your tan.

A body care product that is not just for the ladies

Men’s skin is naturally coarser and therefore moisturizers are even more important to maintain healthier looking skin. Where men may be seeking a tan, the loss of moisture that results from exposure to the sun is even more pronounced. Therefore, a quality tan extender lotion becomes an asset to those men seeking a more bronzed look.

Get your tan extender body lotion today

At Buy Organics Online, there are a range of tan extender body lotion products available in stock for women and men looking to maximize the duration of their tan. For great savings on a range of great all-natural, organic body care products, start shopping today online!

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