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Tapioca Starch

Tapioca Starch

What is tapioca starch

Tapioca starch is obtained from the root of the cassava plant which  is a tuber plant found in South America. It is becoming increasingly popular for people asking is tapioca starch gluten free - as it most certainly is. This bland tasting starch makes an excellent flour substitute and be used for cooking or baking for people on gluten free diets.

Tapioca is dried and may be sold as a flour, tapioca flakes or tapioca pearls. Organic tapioca starch is tapioca grown, harvested and produced without the aid of chemicals, pesticides or other synthetic materials. Tapioca flour is obtained by squeezing liquid from the cassava root and allowing the liquid to dry ad leave behind a white powder. It can  be used to make gluten free bread, flat bread, puddings, desserts. It is also a more than useful thickener and binding agent.

Health benefits of tapioca

Besides being the obvious gluten free benefits, tapioca has some surprising benefits. These include:

  • The high iron content in tapioca helps to enrich red blood cells and contribute to improved circulation, greater oxygen supply and combating anaemia

  • High fibre content helps to aid digestion and cleanse the gut.

  • The protein content combined with vitamin K helps muscle development and bone strength

  • It has low salt content, no bad fats and is full of carbohydrates.

Where to buy tapioca starch Australia can rely on

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