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Tea Tonic Organic Coffee Addict Tea Tin 280g


Tea Tonic Organic Coffee Addict Tea Tin 280g


Lending itself to a coffee like taste, yet is caffeine free, this tea can also be drunk with milk. To help you break the coffee habit...

Roasted Dandelion root - liver detox, ginseng - gives you stamina
Native Wattle seed - gives it a delicious nutty flavour
Taste Description - earthy with a nutty peanut after taste (note: this tea does not contain nuts)

Complex yet perfectly balanced, smooth and satisfying, this tea has a freshly brewed aroma that will soothe your strongest coffee cravings. A stimulating, yet stabilising alternative to caffeine, Coffee Addict Tea will add a spring to your step and get you through your day without compromising your health and inner balance.