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Thankfully Nourished NZ Liver Powder 180g

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Thankfully Nourished NZ Liver Powder 180g

Traditional cultures throughout the world considered animal organs and glands to be some of the most essential, nutrient-dense foods available. Gram for gram, liver contains more nutrients than any other food on earth.

Our freeze dried powder makes it easy to consume a traditional superfood that many find hard to swallow!

Thankfully, our Liver Powder is:

Made from grass-fed, New Zealand beef cattle
A concentrated source of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A
A natural source of the nutrients needed for healthy red blood cell production
Perfect for those who want the goodness of liver in an easy to use form
Guaranteed free from GMO, pesticides and herbicides
Freeze dried from fresh raw liver

Our independant test results have shown our powder to contain the following per 1 tsp (6g):

Iron: 1.12 mg (approx same amount found in 50g beef)
Vitamin B12: 7.2 mcg (300% RDI for adults)
Folate: 57.6mcg (15% RDI for adults)
Vitamin A: 900IU (100% RDI for adults)

Suggested Use:
We love to sprinkle this into bolognese sauces, smoothies and sneak into meatballs. The kids will never know it's there and their bodies will be getting all those extra nutrients!

Store at room temperature.


  • Freeze dried bovine liver powder from New Zealand.