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Thermos Travel Coffee Cup

Thermos Travel Coffee Cup

On the road with a Thermos

When it comes to hitting the road for a camping trip, a long hike, a day at your local sports club, a road trip or other adventures, it is essential to travel with a Thermos. Guaranteed to warm you up when needing a quick coffee fix, the insulated design ensures that your drink will stay warm on your travels.

What is a Thermos Travel Coffee Cup?

A thermos travel mug is an insulated bottle that will keep your beverage from leaking while preserving the temperature. The bottles are normally constructed from stainless steel and are vacuum sealed which ensures that no external conditions will affect the contents within.

Thermos are a safe choice for the consumer and the environment

You can be safe in the knowledge that sipping from a Thermos will do you no harm. While disposable cups are guilty of clogging up our landfills and waterways, an insulated stainless steel mug is BPA free, and can be reused time and time again ensuring that waste is significantly reduced. Additionally, the construction of thermos travel mugs are such that no leaking of potential harmful toxins will occur.

The benefits of Insulated Travel Coffee Cups

There are some great benefits that vacuum insulated coffee mugs possess that make them an attractive purchase for the environmental and health conscious consumer, these benefits are:

  • The use of insulated thermos bottles is guaranteed to reduce waste resulting in a major benefit to the environment.
  • Thermos are dishwasher friendly and are very easy to clean by hand. This differs from other non-insulated products that can experience significant wear and tear during washing. It is highly suitable for use in any weather and is ultra-durable.
  • The consumption of a warm tea or coffee out of a stainless steel thermos is much safer than using any other product that stores coffee. Choosing this type of product will not affect the liquids in any way where as other modes of consuming warm liquid can induce chemicals into the liquid.
  • The strong design of the thermos ensures that the temperate of your beverage is preserved and remains hot well into your journey or during your daily activities.

Thermos Australia in a range of colours and sizes

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