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Unlike in the food industry, there are little or no legal standards when it comes to manufacturing and selling organic or natural personal care products in Australia. This basically means that any company can use these terms as marketing gimmicks to convince the unsuspecting public to buy their products. 

Tilley Organic, however, is not your usual manufacturer of organic personal care products. The company is fully committed to producing organic skin, hair, and body care products with the highest standards. Because of this commitment and dedication to excellence, Tilley Organic source only certified organic and natural active botanical ingredients for their product offerings. 

They blend only the best and the most active ingredients that include raw plant oils, cold-pressed and extra virgin oil, and pure essential oils that are free from solvents and other harmful materials. All of the ingredients they use are of the highest grade to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each and every product they make. 

Over the years, Tilley Organic has established itself as one of the most trusted personal care companies in the country. First established as "Tilley Soaps" by Arthur Tilley in 1865, the company produced a range of toilet soaps before deciding to produce high quality natural soaps and cosmetics. In 2014, the company expanded and created the Tilley Organic range. They moved the production of their ecological and healthy products to their tailor-designed certified organic facility in Melbourne. 

Tilley Organic has earned a certification from ACO (Australian Certified Organic), the country's largest certification body for organic and biodynamic produce. This certification proves that the company complies with national production standards and can trace back all of their products to their origin. 

With this certification, consumers can have peace of mind knowing that all of the personal care products they purchase from Tilley Organic are safe, natural, and certified organic. In addition, they are vegan-friendly and of the highest quality, giving customers excellent value for their money. 

The health and wellbeing of their customers are not the only things that are important to Tilley Organic. The Melbourne-based company is also concerned about the welfare of the environment and they have gone to great lengths to protect Mother Earth. The company utilises only sustainable methods when creating products and avoid processes that would harm all living beings. 

If you want personal care items that are guaranteed effective and safe to use, you can't go wrong with Tilley Organic branded products. With the company's commitment to producing all-natural and certified organic items, you are in good hands.



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