V Dog


Even your dog can be vegan with V dog

V dog has changed the game! Think about it? Most dog owners love animals. Furry or not-furry, big or small, two legs, three legs or four legs. Yet we never think that it might be a good idea to help save other animals while feeding our own animal. I mean really, why can’t dogs not eat other animals if they are getting all the nutrition required? Most dog food products seem to be chicken-flavoured, beef or even kangaroo. Why not fed our little pooch a nutritional plant-based meal?

The V dog mission

Founded in San Francisco, V dog is a family owned business that was inspired by the owners two rescue pitbulls. The company’s owners committed to providing pooches around the globe with plant-based food that was highly nutritious, while also environmentally friendly. Effectively, by chowing down on V-dog products, pooches worldwide would also be making a stand against animal cruelty and, thus, the amount of unnecessary cruelty in the world would be greatly reduced.

V-dog Australia

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