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Even your dog can be vegan with V dog

V dog has changed the game and changed their name! Now distributing internationally as V-planet, this outstanding brand continues to change the way we think about pet food. Think about it? Most dog owners love animals. Furry or not-furry, big or small, two legs, three legs or four legs. Yet we never consider that it might be a good idea to help save other animals while feeding our own animal. I mean really, why can’t dogs not eat other animals if they are getting all the nutrition required? Most dog food products seem to be chicken-flavoured, beef or even kangaroo. Why not fed our little pooch a nutritional plant-based meal?

Can a dog be vegan?

There is still much debate as to whether a dog can be totally vegan, as canines seem to be naturally inclined to be omnivores. With that in mind it is possible for a dog to be put on a vegan diet. However, close attention must be paid to the contents of the diet to ensure that the dog gets enough protein and balance in its  diet.

The V dog mission

Founded in San Francisco, V dog is a family owned business that was inspired by the owners two rescue pitbulls. The company’s owners committed to providing pooches around the globe with plant-based food that was highly nutritious, while also environmentally friendly. Effectively, by chowing down on V-dog products, pooches worldwide would also be making a stand against animal cruelty and, thus, the amount of unnecessary cruelty in the world would be greatly reduced.

Is V- Dog Aafco approved 

V dog’s products offer Aafco approved nutritious meals for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Aafco is the American Association of Feed Control Officials and is the American legal controller of food to animals in the United States. Their responsibility extends to cats and dogs.

V-dog Australia is now V-natural

Now internationally distributed under the name v-planet, V-dog has recently expanded their availability to include Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and Australia. Those searching for these great canine vegan products within these markets will find that the brand name may be slightly different but the product is exactly the same outstanding v-dog food that US dog owners have come to grow and love. V planet Australia is guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest of our canine friends!

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