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Vegan White Chocolate

What is Vegan White Chocolate?

Is white chocolate vegan? The answer is no, unless milk is replaced with a milk substitute.  White chocolate does not contain cocoa powder but uses cocoa butter instead. Usually white chocolate contains around 3 to 5% milk fat and about 14% of milk solids in it's makeup.  Vegan white chocolate replaces these milk ingredients with a suitable substitute such as almond milk to obtain a similar result.

White chocolate as a rule does not contain caffeine, making it appealing to  many sweet tooths. White chocolate has a distinctive taste that is reminiscent but not the same as dark chocolate  and loved by many. Consumed in moderation it has some health benefits of note

Benefits of eating white vegan chocolate

Besides being vegan friendly, white vegan chocolate has similar benefits to traditional white chocolate these include

  • The cooking and storage process has remarkably little oxidation impact upon white chocolate this makes it a less carcinogenic option than dark chocolates

  • Having a high concentration of saturated fats may make white chocolate a viable protection against fatty liver

  •  Unlike dark chocolate,  white chocolate does not contain carcinogenic mycotoxins and aflatoxins.

  • Studies have shown that white chocolate significant improved the platelet function of men eating white chocolate

  • Contains low levels of theobromine making it less likely to spark allergic reactions

  • It has  a distinctive taste  and can be added to a variety of recipes and desserts.

The nutritional value and health benefits of eating white chocolate will vary greatly according to the  ingredients used to make the product. Ideally vegan white chocolate should contain no more than 55% of sugar and  around 30% of cocoa butter.

Where to buy vegan white chocolate Australia can rely on

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