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Veggie Super Juice Organic 946ml Lakewood

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LAKEWOOD Veggie Super Juice Organic 946mL

Veggie super juice organic by LAKEWOOD is made from pure organic veggies that are freshly exported from farms. It contains very nutritious veggies such as tomato, carrot, broccoli, spinach, beets, garlic etc. The juice is very healthy as well as tasty. It contains many micro-nutrients and minerals that are essential for healthy lifestyle. Each bottle of LAKEWOOD veggie super juice is made from 3 pounds of freshly pressed veggies. Essential features of this juice are:

  • Certified organic product
  • Free from harmful artificial preservatives and colors
  • Contains pure and fresh veggies
  • Filler free
  • No added sugar


The juice provides many health Benefits. People who drink this juice have reduced risk of many chronic diseases. The juice has very low value of fat and calories. These veggies contain high amount of dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals like potassium. Some other Benefits of this juice are:

  • Keeps eye and skin healthy
  • Reduces risk of cancer and heart diseases
  • Reduces blood cholesterol



Juice and Puree from Whole Organic Vegetables(Organic Tomatoes; Organic Carrots; Organic Celery; Organic Broccoli; Organic Kale; Organic Collard Greens; Organic Beets; Organic Parsley; Organic Lettuce; Organic Spinach; Organic Watercress); Organic Lemon Juice; Organic Jalapeno; Organic Garlic; Organic Cayenne Pepper; Pure Salt (No Additives).