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Wild Rice

Wild Rice

What is wild rice

Wild rice or Indian rice, Canadian Rice or water oats only bears a passing resemblance to traditional rice. Wild rice is a common term used to describe four different types of grass grains that can be harvested for consumption. The grain has a chewy outer grain. The inner grain is full of rich nutrients. 

Wild rice has become increasingly popular as it is now known to be a great source of antioxidants fibre, minerals, protein and vitamins. It has been shown to be more nutritious than traditional rice varieties and is highly sought in North America in particular. Organic wild rice has been grown and harvested naturally with no exposure to chemicals or harmful pesticides

Benefits of natural wild rice

The key benefits of eating wild rice include: 

  • It helps to optimise digestion as it contains high levels of fibre

  • Can help to improve health as it does not contain any sodium  and high fibre levels help to clear out cholesterol.

  • Vitamin C content will help to boost immunity

  • Phosphorus and zinc content helps improve bone strength

  • Low calorie content can help to reduce weight

  • Antioxidants help to combat free radicals and combat the effects of ageing

  • High protein content helps promote muscle growth and repair.

Where to buy wild rice Australia can trust

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