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Wild Sparkling Strawberries & Cream 330ml

KAD - 483324

Wild Sparkling Strawberries & Cream 330ml


Our premium lightly sparkling range is big on real authentic fruitiness and subtle carbonation.
Our unique blend of Australian sparkling mineral water and nature's finest flavours makes it the perfect refreshment straight from the fridge, or with a shot of your favourite spirit! The perfect beverage to invigorate your day!


· ALL natural
· NO artificial colours or flavours
· Preservative and GMO FREE
· Australian owned and made
· Premium quality Ingredients


Wild Premium Sparkling Café Range are a lightly carbonated flavoured mineral water, that are low in sugar (less than 10g per bottle) with added Benefits of prebiotic fibres to grow and nourish your gut flora, adding to health and wellness.
By using only premium quality natural Ingredients, we are able to offer a long 36 month shelf life from date of production.