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Woodford Plunger 1kg by Montville Coffee

UN - MV16

Woodford Plunger 1kg by Montville Coffee

Montville Coffee were founded in Queensland, Australia and quickly established themselves as the first organic coffee roaster in the state. Determined to operate in a way that ensures the health of the individual and the environment, the focus of Montville is to ensure that their carbon footprint is as small as can be. Innovative in their approach, this company’s organic coffee products are safe for both the consumer and planet Earth at large.

Woodford Home Blend by Montville Coffee Australia is grounded for use in your home plunger coffee machine. Using only the finest organic coffee beans from Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia, the result is a strong flavour that ensures that you start the day feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the hurdles that life throws at you. Available in a 1kg bag, the mix of exotic spices and fully certified organic coffee will surely delight!

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100% Organic Coffee Beans from Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia.