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Wool Wash Detergent

Do You Need a Wool Wash Detergent?

Wool remains a highly popular clothing material in Australia.  it is popular for it's more look and feel. woolens generally need to be washed in a soft wash.  wool wash detergent allow will to be washed in a softer manner. natural wool wash detergents remain soft on  wall while keeping the clothes and environment free from the chemicals that many mass produced detergents contain 

Using a wool wash detergent will help to keep your favourite woolen clothing in premium conditions for longer. 

Benefits of Using Our Natural Wool Wash Products

Wool wash detergents can be used to wash a variety of delicate items including synthetics as well as woolen clothing.

Made from plant and mineral ingredients, natural wool wash products do not contain harmful chemical ingredients such as phosphates and sulphates, meaning that the detergent will be soft on your skin as well as your clothing.

The use of natural ingredients makes natural wool washes a much safer option for grey water and septic tank users. There are wool wash options available for hot and cold water as well as wool wash front loader and top loader options.

A natural wool wash will give you a gentler, eco-friendly wash that will have your clothes looking and smelling like new.

Where to Buy Natural Wool Wash Detergent

At Buy Organics Online you can choose from a wide selection of natural wool wash detergents that have been carefully chosen after close liaison with the very best natural detergent suppliers suppliers within the laundry industry.  There is no better time than now to make the environmentally responsible choice to care for your woolens and delicates with a chemical free and environmentally safe wool wash detergent - buy from Buy Organics Online today and ensure that your woolen clothing is cared for while contributing to a healthier environment.

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