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Xylitol Gum

What is xylitol chewing gum?

Xylitol is a sweet tasting alcohol that is naturally produced in plants. Chewing gum containing xylitol is effectively a chewing gum using a sugar replacement to sweeten the taste of chewing gum without subjecting the mouth and teeth to the harmful cavity causing bacteria that sugar generates. It is estimated that regularly chewing gum with xylitol four of five times a day will reduce the amount of cavity causing bacteria in the mouth  The amount of alcohol contained within a piece of chewing gum is considered to be miniscule. While being roughly as sweet as sugar, xylitol contains approximately half the calories.

Chewing gum sweetened with xylitol is considered safe for both diabetics and pregnant mothers.

What are the benefits of chewing gum with xylitol

Many dentists recommend that their patients switch to xylitol chewing gum. The reasons are pretty clear but the benefits of xylitol go far beyond a few reduced cavities. Broadly speaking the benefits of chewing xylitol gum are:

  • Improved dental health by effectively starving harmful bacteria in the mouth - this results in less cavities, healthier gums and reduced plaque build up.

  • Reduced ear infections in children particularly. The ear nose and throat are all connected and it follows that the regular use of xylitol gum helps to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria in the ears as well

  • Increased collagen production which could help to reduce the effects of ageing on the skin

Where to buy xylitol chewing gum Australia can rely on for quality

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