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Zechstein Magnesium Flakes

What is Zechstein magnesium?

Zechstein magnesium salts are salts obtained from the ancient Zechstein sea which is two hundred and fifty million years old and lies deep underground today.. Zechstein magnesium flakes oe zechstein magnesium oil are considered to be the purest forms of magnesium available on earth today. This is because the magnesium is obtained from underground deposits of what is considered a pristine source - the ancient Zechstein sea.
Whichever way you choose to apply magnesium topically, you can be assured of getting the maximum benefits without exposing yourself to harmful materials such as lead, arsenic, mercury and fluoride.

How to benefit from Zechstein magnesium

Magnesium is one of the six vital  minerals that the body needs to function properly. More than half of the population are not getting a sufficient daily intake of magnesium. An adequate supply of magnesium will help prevent many diseases as well as strengthen muscles and bones, improve mental health and improve heart health.

You can increase magnesium intake in three ways - by changing your diet, taking a magnesium supplement or applying magnesium topically.


The topical method is one of the best ways to use zechstein magnesium bath flakes or zechstein magnesium oil spray as the skin will absorb all the goodness of the zechstein magnesium chloride. Applying nutrients to the body topically is an ancient practice and one that lends itself to using zechstein minerals.

Where to buy Zechstein magnesium

There are very few suppliers of the product and Buy Organics Online is proud to be associated with one of the premium suppliers - Ancient Minerals. You can be assured of purchasing the most pure form of magnesium available today from one of the most trusted suppliers. There is no better time than now to tap into the benefits of pure magnesium - order your supply today at Buy Organics Online!


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