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About Us

Buy Organics Online: Championing Organic Living for Australia and Beyond

Since its inception in 2013, Buy Organics Online has blossomed into more than just an e-commerce platform; it’s a movement. Deeply anchored in the heart of Australia, we’ve become synonymous with organic and natural living.

Founded by Kylie Shaw and Jayson Rodda, our catalogue now boasts over 12,000 organic and natural products, handpicked and sourced from across the Australian landscape, as well as from some of the world's most esteemed global brands. Such an extensive array reiterates our commitment to offering only the finest to our clientele.

Central to Buy Organics Online's ethos are a few unwavering beliefs. We advocate the purity of products, championing the idea that they should remain untouched by chemicals and toxins. Nature, after all, is perfect in its original form. We also wear our sustainability badge with pride, understanding that eco-friendly production is not a luxury but a necessity for our planet. And crucially, we believe in making organic and natural goods easily accessible to everyday Australians.

Our journey is shaped by our dedicated team. 

Our Founder:

At the helm of Buy Organics Online stands our visionary founder, Kylie Shaw. She is not just a business owner but a fervent advocate for organic living, showcasing a lifestyle that resonates with the principles of natural and holistic well-being. Kylie's dedication to organic living is evident in every facet of the business, from product selection to customer education. Simultaneously, her pursuit of nursing studies reflects her broader commitment to health and care, highlighting a unique blend of business acumen and genuine empathy.

Beyond her roles in business and academia, Kylie has a distinctive voice, one that can be found echoing in her thoughtfully penned writings. These are not just words on paper but a testament to her depth of understanding and passion for the organic world. Through her literary contributions, Kylie accomplishes a remarkable feat: she bridges the sometimes vast chasm between raw knowledge and heartfelt passion, ensuring that every customer not only understands the benefits of organic living but feels the essence of its ethos. In essence, Kylie Shaw is not just the founder of Buy Organics Online; she is its beating heart, driving its mission with both intelligence and passion.

Our operations:

At the very heart of Buy Organics Online's seamless operations is our co-founder, Jayson rodda. Bringing with him a vast reservoir of experience from his twenty years in digital marketing, he stands as the gatekeeper of our brand's authenticity. Every piece of content, before reaching our valued clientele, passes under his discerning eye. Jayson’s meticulous nature means that he rigorously fact-checks each article, blog post, and product description, ensuring they align with our brand's ethos and values. This dedication not only upholds the trust our customers place in us but also strengthens the bridge between our brand and its patrons. It's his commitment to authenticity and accuracy that has played a pivotal role in carving out Buy Organics Online's esteemed reputation in the organic market.

Our Warehouse:

Every package that leaves our premises echoes our values. Jason Banks Smith, with his keen attention to detail, ensures your orders reach you in impeccable condition, reflecting our sustainability commitment. Our use of environmentally friendly packaging materials like recycled cardboard, biodegradable cornstarch, and our distinctive biodegradable green bubble wrap further demonstrates this.

Our Customer Service:

Communication remains our strong suit, with Adriana Manderino updating customers and Suzan Stone's expertise as a CPA in finance ensuring our business sails smoothly. And should you experience any hiccups online, Tulon Avi is always at the ready, ensuring our digital platform is as refined as our products.

Our History:

We ran the business from a double garage for the first 5 years of operations.  We moved to 1/1 Capital Place, Carrum Downs, VIC 3201, in 2020 and have established this as our base since then.  Our warehouse is 400 m2 and contains an area for office staff, a commercial coolroom for heat-sensitive products, a four-bay parcel packing area and adequate storage for all stock.

Our Experience:

We've sold well over $10 million worth of products that are either natural or organic in nature. We only directly deal with the largest and most reputable national distributors in the country.

Our trading partners all have extensive experience and buying teams that specialise in evaluating products to ensure that they meet their own strict codes and values. This includes one supplier that only employs Naturpaths, from which we source natural remedies.  We leverage the experience of our suppliers to create our collection here at Buy Organics Online.

Our Mission:

We aim to provide customers with:

1. A comprehensive range of ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products that exceeds anything available in local health food stores

2. Products that are both priced fairly and packaged both responsibly and competently.

3. Our customers receive their orders on time and in good condition.

Buy Organics Online Reviews:

Our story is incomplete without the voices of our loyal customers. If you’ve experienced the excellence of our products, we'd be honoured if you'd share your journey. Here's how you can contribute:

  • Share your insights with a product review.
  • Spread the organic love on Facebook.
  • Enlighten family and friends about our range.
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Our Company Details:

Buy Organics Online

1/1 Capital Place 

Carrum Downs VIC 3201

Phone: 1300 360 023

ABN: 64 421 617 241

The best way to contact us is via the "leave a message" located on bottom left of every page on the website.  This is a ticketed message system that is seen by multiple members in the team.  If you prefer phone, we always try our best to answer the phone.  You can leave a phone message, but this is checked less often than live chat messages.

Buy Organics Online isn’t just a destination; it’s a community dedicated to organic well-being. Join us in cultivating a healthier, greener future for all.