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Hair Spray

Hair Spray

What does a Hair Spray do?

Hairsprays essentially form what could be seen as an invisible hair net when it is sprayed on hair. What it does is It coats hair strands in a sheer light film connecting individual hair fibres wherever they touch. As the hairspray dries, the connecting hairs effectively bond and are held in place.  

To get the best results from hairspray you should know how to use it properly. A common misconception is that the spray should be sprayed close to the roots, this is incorrect as this method tends to soak the hair and give it a greasy appearance. It is therefore recommended that the hair spray container be held 15 centimeters away from the head while spraying. By doing this you will get a better hold and coverage of spray on hair.

How to make Hair Spray with essential oils?

A simple hair spray recipe using essential oils calls for one cup of purified or distilled water., 25 drops of essential oils (preferably rosemary, with a touch of lavender) and 1 tablespoon of organic sugar or coconut sugar. Simply heat the water in a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Then remove from heat and add sugar. Whisk the solution until all sugar is dissolved. Then allow it to cool before adding the essential oil. Store the solution in a spray bottle and shake well before use. 

How to use Hair Spray for curling?

To get the best results with curling, begin by spraying your hair with a light to firm hairspray before curling. This will reduce the risk of the hair falling flat. When you do spray, be sure that you give it a light spray and don’t fall for the trap of saturating it.. 

What is a good Hair Spray?

When considering the question which spray is best for hair, we would recommend a natural hair spray that is not loaded with potentially harmful chemicals that can dry and harm your hair. For that reason we stock products like Giovann hair sprays. These hair sprays are made from natural ingredients while performing all the key functions that a hair spray should.

Hair Spray reviews?

Hair spray is a personal thing and not everyone will agree as to what makes a good hair spray. With that said we note that the products we stock regularly receive four and five star reviews on Amazon with n average rating of 4.6 out of 5 being given to Giobvann’s LA Hold Hair Spray and an average of 4.1 stars being given to their  2CHIC Tangerine  & Papaya butter hair spray

Where can I buy Hair Spray?

If you have been looking for the best organic hair spray in Australia you can find an excellent range of proven natural hairsprays, hair color spray and  other hair products at Buy Organics Online. Get yours today and look after your hair style in a perfectly natural way.


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