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Grass Fed Ghee

Grass Fed Ghee

What is Grass Fed Ghee?

Grass fed ghee has grown in popularity as many nutritionists and dieticians go out of their way to recommend it. Ghee is an Indian version of clarified butter except that the Indian method takes the extra step of caramelising the milk solids. 

As the name suggests, grass fed ghee is obtained by processing the milk of a grass fed cow.

It is widely accepted that cows produce the best quality milk when they are fed a diet of quality green grass. Grass fed cow milk contains a load of antioxidants, vitamins, and the good kind of saturated fats.

Ghee tastes somewhat similar to butter but its separation and caramelisation process gives it a hint of nuttiness to taste. The taste is likely to vary slightly depending upon the quality of milk used to produce it - hence grass fed ghee is likely to taste better as well as being better for you..

What is the difference between Grass-Fed Butter and Ghee?

Grass-fed butter vs Ghee has become quite the debate in some food circles. Both have their advocates and for many, the choice comes down to a simple matter of taste. However, grass-fed ghee does have some distinct advantages when compared to grass-fed butter.

While grass fed butter is full of nutrients so too is grass fed ghee. The deciding factor for many is that ghee does not contain casein or lactose. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone who suffers from lactose intolerance. 

Is Grass Fed Ghee good for you?

Ghee is being recommended by nutritionists and dieticians for a good reason. It is a rich source of nutrients and contains several healthy fatty acids. The benefits of grass-fed ghee are numerous and can be summarised below.

  • High smoke point makes it a healthy and safe cooking choice.

  • It contains healthy vitamins A, E and K

  • Lactose and casein-free

Where to buy Grass Fed Ghee in Australia?

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Grass fed Ghee reviews?

If you spend a little time browsing online you will discover a lot of grass-fed ghee brands with strong reviews. Grass-fed ghee is recognised as being a healthy, nutritious food that can be used in a variety of ways. The grass-fed ghee products that we have chosen at Buy Organics Online are all highly regarded products sourced for their natural goodness and organic pedigree.

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