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St. John's Wort Tea


St John’s Wort Tea

For a tea that provides mood enhancement, consider St John’s wort tea. Most herbal teas can provide a lift in mood for those who consume them, but St John’s delivers massive benefits for numerous psychological afflictions. From easing the symptoms of depression, to anxiety to insomnia, a cup of warm St John’s is guaranteed to leave you feeling at ease.

What is St John’s wort tea?

Hypericum perforatum is the botanical name for the flowering plant known as St John’s wort. The plant is used to make a variety of pills, extracts and teas. St John’s wort and St John’s wort tea have been a traditional herbal remedy used for centuries. So, what are the benefits of St John’s Wort tea?

St John’s Wort Tea benefits

There are fantastic natural benefits that come with the consumption of this product. The St John’s Wort tea benefits include:

How much St John’s Wort tea should be taken?

Most clinical studies on the benefits of St John’s wort have used a dosage of 300mg three times daily. Care needs to be exercised though as some varieties of tea contain different concentrations of the tea.

St John’s Wort Tea Australia

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