What is jackfruit?

Tremendously versatile, high in magnesium, vitamin V6 and rich in antioxidants, jackfruit is a highly nutritious choice for the food lover looking for something a little different. So, what is jackfruit and where does it come from? For starters, it is the largest tree fruit in the world sometimes weighing in at over 100 pounds. It is extremely nutritious and can be used in a long list of food products.

What does jackfruit taste like?

Because it is often a fruit many are unfamiliar with, many ask what does jackfruit taste like? Well, the most common description is that jackfruit is very similar in taste to pulled pork. Others have described a taste like pear, pineapple, banana and papaya. Whatever the description of the taste, one thing is for certain… it is delicious!

How to eat jackfruit?

Another common question asked is how to eat jackfruit? Well as mentioned above there are numerous ways. It can be eaten raw and fresh, added as an ingredient into wintery soups. It is also a common ingredient in chips, ice creams, jams and juices. But most commonly people add it to a sandwich due to the delicious pulled pork taste that it can provide for the vegan and vegetarian.

Does jackfruit taste like meat?

As we’ve already mentioned, Jack fruit has a taste that has been likened to pulled pork. Many advocates for jackfruit believe that the secret to making this fruit a meat substitute is the preparation of complementary sauces and dressings including barbecue sauce, tomato sauce, paprika and the like.

While, it is often used as a meat substitute, the raw product can be consumed as a dessert with ice cream and some have likened this taste to juicy fruit chewing gum.

Is canned jackfruit healthy?

As with most canned foods, the canning process may cause the food to lose some of its goodness. However, if there are no other alternatives, canned jackfruit still represents a healthy food choice.

Can I Buy Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is becoming more readily available in Australia as its popularity rises and its versatility becomes more widely appreciated. You can buy jackfruit whole, however in most cases, that’s an awful lot of fruit to eat. Other options are canned or in natural packaged form provided by organic companies like Upton’s Naturals.

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How much does jackfruit cost

The cost of fresh jackfruit will rise and fall with the laws of supply and demand  similarly to other fruits. The best way to but jackfruit initially is to purchase a small supply through Buy Organics Online. 300 gram packets of jackfruit can currently be purchased for under $10.

Jackfruit Australia

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